Hairy hawthorn tea

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Mount Korab is the highest mountain of Albania and the Republic of Macedonia. It is a peak which creates a borderline between these two countries. Korab geographically belongs to Macedonia, but is still inhabited by Albanians. Its influence lead to formations different particular products. One of the distinct beverages is tea made of hawthorn. The scientific name of this plant is Crataegus monogyna var. sericea. The hawthorn leaves are long, obovate deeply lobed and very silky. The shrub produces fragrant flowers in late spring, from May to early June thus in autumn first purple then red, egg shaped berries appear. A tea made of hawthorn is used just by Albanians who live in Macedonian Korab. Nowadays, the plant is not widely available and it is very difficult to find it.
Tea made of hawthorn is an everyday drink, It is believed that tea is perfect remedy for cough. It helps to combat fatigue.

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