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The Capra Grigia also known as Chèvre grise des montagnes, Graue Bergziege or Cavra del Sass, is an indigenous Swiss breed. It comes from the Graubünden canton located in eastern Switzerland and Ticino situated in the southern mountains. The first documents relating to the Capra Grigia can be traced back more than 100 years.

For many generations, it was a tradition to keep these goats in the southern Alpine Valleys. Unfortunately, due to Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis virus and a lack of social awareness about this precious breed, the number of the breed significantly declined over the years and the goats nearly became extinct. In 1997, a non-profit charitable organization, the ProSpecieRara foundation, decided to implement a recovery project. After 14 years, in 2011, 475 to 490 animals were registered.

The Capra Grigia goats have large horns and a grey-colored coat that can vary from silver grey to dark or beige grey. They are robust, with powerful muscles and hard hooves that enable them to resist long periods of pasturing on steep terrain and in difficult climatic conditions.
The Capra Grigia are used for milk and meat production and for maintaining the landscape.

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