Green-Red Wine

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Green-red wine is a popular drink in Minhou County for people of all ages. It is made by mixing red sticky rice with water and steaming this rice, cooling it and placing it into a large jar. After about a month, it will have fermented to brew the green-red wine. It is called “raw wine” when fresh, but is usually aged before consumption. As it ages, the red color fades to a deep yellow. Wine that has been aged for over a year is called “old summer wine,” and is more popular.

Green-red wine has a long history. According to legend, in 202 BC in Fujian, Wu Zhu was crowned King of Minyue in Yu Hill. For the coronation, a beautiful woman presented green-red homemade wine. Wu Zhu was pleased, and prepared a feast of nine days and nights. From this point in time, green-red wine became an essential element during special occasions such as sacrifices and weddings in Minyue Palace. Today, however, the traditional wine is changing. Due to the use of chemical fertilizers in cultivating sticky rice, the taste is no longer the same as past versions.

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Production area:Wang Keng, Guanzhong Village, Jingxi Town, Minhou County, Fuzhou City

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