Granadilla Morada

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Granadilla morada (Passiflora edulis Sims var. edulis) refers to a specific species of passion fruit. It is a perennial vine that climbs by its tendrils. It produces a spherical to slightly oblong fruit with a smooth skin. The outside is firm and has a light green to dark purple color, while the interior is white, soft, and with a pitted or porous texture. The fruit can be consumed fresh or used to make juices or desserts. It is susceptible to dehydration and so should be stored in locations with high humidity.   Granadilla morada is native to northern Argentina and is also found in Brazil and in Colombia. Historically, the product was widely harvested for home consumption, but there has been less interest in the fruit in recent decades with the arrival of exotic, imported fruit to local supermarkets. In 2013, operations began to promote the use of native fruit in the region, recover traditional recipes and knowledge about guava and provide training on orchard production and preparation of sweets with the fruit. In Eldorado, as in much of the province of Misiones in northwestern Argentina, native fruits are commonly used by local communities for subsistence and in some cases small-scale marketing at local fairs. Granadilla morada and other native fruit trees occupy about 50% of the area of the province of Misiones.   Transformed products made with guava are found in markets like agroecological fairs or stores, with the objective of achieving a sustainable use of the forest and promoting its conservation. Development of food products from native fruits like granadilla morada not only contributes to the conservation of biodiversity in the Paranaense forest, but also services the ecosystem in following regulations calling for the maintenance of these areas. If the native forest ecosystems become degraded, native fruit tree varieties like granadilla morada will be lost from the area. 

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