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The term “Gorani” meaning “people living in the mountains”, describes an ethnic Slavic group of Muslim faith living in an area called Gora, localized between Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia.

The mountainous climate is persistently tough, with very cold and snowy winters; these conditions limit the mobility of the people and contribute to food insecurity, which lasts for most of the cold season. To withstand these conditions, stocks of foodstuffs are prepared, mostly using fermentation processes.

In the Gorani communities, one of the traditions that survived besides the preparation of fermented fruit beverages, is the fermentation of millet. This type of “beer” obtained from millet (Panicum miliaceum) represents a very ancient Gorani tradition.

The boza, as the millet beer is called in Gorani language, is a fermented beverage, lightly alcoholic and acidic, produced without the addition of malt.

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Indigenous community:Gorani
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