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Gelveri Ekmeği

Gelveri Bread is a local bread that has survived from past to present within the cultural texture of Güzelyurt district in Aksaray province. It is also known as "Gelveri Donut" among the people. Gelveri Bread is a round shape with a hole in the middle, soft inside, and specific to the specified geographical border. Gelveri Bread is produced using bread wheat flour, water, salt, and usually sourdough. Gelveri bread, which is baked jointly by the women of the district once a week in stone ovens resistant to 300-400 degrees heat in the garden of historical Greek houses, is a bread that is not sold and has a long shelf life. The most critical element that makes Gelveri bread a unique and traditional taste is the flour obtained from the wheat grown and harvested in the region.
Gelveri bread can be produced any day of the year. However, stone ovens are mostly burned once a week, and the women of the district come together to carry out the production. The products, created with the excellent cooperation of the neighbourhood women, are constantly consumed, including on special occasions.

Gelveri bread is produced as follows: Flour is sifted into the kneading vessel; By adding salt, sourdough, and water, all the ingredients are added, and the dough is kneaded until it reaches a soft consistency. The dough is floured, covered with a white cloth, and fermented for about 1.5 hours. From this waiting dough, meringues weighing 320-330 grams are made, protected, and allowed to ferment for 1 hour. When the oven is pre-opened, and the temperature reaches 350 ˚C, all the meringues are opened manually on the counter, starting with the first meringue made. A hole is made with a finger in the middle of the meringues that are opened so that there is no dough inside, and they rise quickly. The prepared meringues are sent into the oven with the help of a bread shovel. When it is cooked to the desired degree, it is taken by pulling the bread. The use of sourdough in its production enriches Gelveri Bread in terms of aroma, makes the bread a functional product, and ensures that the bread has a medium volume, good internal structure, and long shelf life.
It can be served hot or cold by slicing along with meals and by spreading butter or putting cheese in between while it is hot.

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Production area:Aksaray/Güzelyurt/

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Nominated by:Fatma Becerikli (Ahiler Development Agency), Yılmaz Sansan (Ahiler Development Agency)