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Gangfisch (Coregonus macrophthalmus or exigus) is the whitefish-related endemic fish of the Untersee (part of Lake Constance), which once fished, is smoked in its entirety, including the intestines.

The fresh fish are immediately sprinkled with salt and then exposed 3 to 5 days in a basin. Then the fish are hung on a rack for smoking, and kept at 35 degrees for cold smoking. The temperature must always remain the same, preferably using oak shavings, and after two days the process is complete. For this process the females are mainly used, together with the roe (Bodensee’s caviar). This product is available only a few weeks during the winter. In order for the whole fish to be smoked, the stomach must be empty and this is only the case in the late autumn, when the fish from the depths in the shallow waters around Ermatingen (Thurgau) pull to spawn.
The fish is mentioned as early as 1337. Its history is always closely linked to the monasteries around the Untersee.

Today it can be found everywhere around the town of Ermatingen in Thurgau during the right season. Unfortunately it becomes more and more difficult to catch it.

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