Galotyri Cheese

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Galotyri is a soft creamy cheese, white in color and pleasure in taste. In addition, it has subacid and chilled taste. It is consumed in summer months (mainly in August) like a table cheese.

It was prepared in very mountainous areas (over 1.000 mts height) and mainly in summer months from sheep farmers, called ‘tsopanarai’, on the grasslands. The animals were locals and ‘wild’ (like boutsikos). Milk was mainly from sheep, or it was mixed with goat milk, too.

As for the milk, it was milked and directly coagulated with rennet, coming from local sheep’s or goat’s stomach. It was left for a day, the curd cuted and then they add it a little salt. Then, it was placed in leather bags until it reached the appropriate level of acidity, which was happening with subsequent fermentations and the addition of milk to the product, 3 to 4 times until it becomes soft and subacid. Periodically a stirring was needed. After that, it was placed in containers or in a stone and shady place (along in the leathers bags), airtight, for 8-9weeks.

The product is manufactured in the mountains of Pindos (regions of Epirus and Thessalian)and mainly by nomands people who speak a unique language called Vlachika who were called Vlachoi.

This product does not lag the other table appetizers. So, a more appropriate promotion in need for it and main reason would be the better organoleptic characteristic of the product in contrast of the other products which circulating in the market and have many additives. Also the production process in the traditional way requires time and experience to
acquire these desired characteristics, while industrial ointments do not.

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Production area:Mountains of Pindos

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