Futog Cabbage

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Futoški kupus

Futog cabbage (called Futoški kupus in Serbian) is named for the town in which it grows, in the province of Vojvodina in northern Serbia. Centuries of cabbage cultivation in the area have created a variety that differs from other cabbages grown in the region, and one that is considered of extremely high quality. Over time, it came to be requested by inhabitants of Novi Sad, the capital of the province. Futog’s geographic location, climate and alluvial soil all influence the characteristics of the Futog cabbage. The cabbages are usually larger than other varieties, making them well suited for preparing food for large groups. The cabbages can be found for sale in Serbia, but a lack of promotion and lack of knowledge of its qualities compared to more common varieties means that many people, especially out of the immediate production area, instead purchase lower quality cabbages grown elsewhere.

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Production area:Futog Municipality

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