Fekhfekh Almond

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The Sfax region of eastern Tunisia is well known for the production of one of the main ingredients in Tunisian confectionery: almonds. While some varieties, such as achaak and zahaaf, have a high commercial value and are known and marketed nationally or internationally, the small, sweet variety known as fekhfekh is only found in the family gardens, or jnens, of Sfax, which extend 6-8 kilometers outward from the edge of the city. The fekhfekh almond is consumed locally when it is still green, starting from the harvest season up until the end of March. It is also used in traditional confectionery, in particular to make confetti for engagement parties. It is traditional to eat fakhfekh almonds in the evening while sipping mint tea on the terrace. Scientific studies have demonstrated the nutritional values of this traditional variety, which has a high content of potassium, phosphorus, and zinc. The fekhfekh, like other local cultivars, seems to have higher resistance than commercial almonds to the rise in winter temperatures experienced in the last 30 years in Tunisia.

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Production area:Sidi Abid, Sidi Salah and Sfax

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Nominated by:Olfa Hdiji