Erkence Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Erkence extra virgin olive oil has an ancient heritage on the Urla Peninsula in the Izmir region of central western Turkey. In fact, at least one olive tree of more than 1000 years old has been documented in the region. Locally, olive oil milling dates back to the 6th century B.C., evidenced by the discovery of ancient presses. Erkence olive oil is a product of the local climate, which produces a particular type of olive called the Hurma olive. Hurma olives are a sub-variety of Erkence olive, but not all Erkence olives are also of the Hurma type. This variety is unusual in that it is not bitter when ripe, and can be eaten directly from the olive tree.   Harvest of these olives takes place throughout the month of October. The olive oil has an intense golden yellow color. Its aroma is delicate, and is reminiscent of freshly cut grass, green apples and unripe tomatoes. It is lightly bitter and distinctly pungent. It is difficult to propogate the Erkence olive variety, and therefore there are fewer producers still doing so. New olive plantations tend to plant the Ayval?k variety, which is considered more productive. 

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