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The Donabirne (“Danube pear”) is an ancient local variety that was once widespread in Austria, especially in Mostviertel, but today is cultivated only in the orchards of Pielachtal. Its name comes from the former German name for the Danube, the Dona.

The trees have strong, thick branches: They can live more than 100 years. The fruit is of average size, up to 9 centimetres in length. The skin is smooth and shiny with a bright yellow color. On the side exposed to the sun, red spots form. The pears ripen in mid-September. They are harvested very quickly because the fruit tends to rot quickly. Its flavor is very sweet and the flesh very juicy.

Nowadays the Donabirne is mostly used in distillation: The juice produces a very aromatic liqueur. This variety r is also good for drying.

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Production area:Pielachtal Valley, Mostviertel region