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The d’man sheep breed is originally from the desert areas of the southern Maghreb and the pre-Sahara.
The animals of the d’man or daman breed are raised in oasis and only leave this special environment under exceptional circumstances.
This breed is perfectly adapted to hot and dry climates; it can subside on waste from the agricultural productive cycle and the scarce spontaneous vegetation growing in the palm groves.
From a morphological point of view, this breed is small and long-limbed. It has light bones and long, but not woolly fur, and no horns. The latter is what distinguishes it most from other Morroccan breeds. The color of the coat differs, it can be black, brown or white; there are also animals with a spotted mantle. The ears of the d’man are long with a low point of attachment and point towards the ground.
In Akka, a small Moroccan city in the Guelmim-Es Semara region, there are two breeding farms run by two women’s associations; these were founded by the project “From the Desert to the Ocean”, initiated by an association of Moroccan migrants from Bologna. The initiative gives the female breeders lessons on how to correctly raise the animals and take care of their wellbeing.
The d’man breed was officially raised for meat on a small-scale and mostly family level, where the sheep is part of a beneficial closed economic cycle.

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Dakhla-Oued Ed Dahab

Production area:Akka

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