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Djulis (Chenopodium formosanum) belongs to the Amaranthaceae family of green vegetables and pseudo-cereals, along with its close botanical relative of quinoa. In fact, djulis is sometimes referred to as Taiwanese quinoa. This native crop has been eaten by Taiwanese aboriginal people for hundreds of years, who also use it to brew a traditional type of wine. Djulis is known for having a high protein and fiber content, as well as for containing eight kinds of essential amino acids. It can still be found for sale on the local market, but as a traditional crop, its culinary use is being lost as the habit of using it in cooking is not being passed on to younger generations. In addition, the indigenous people who have long safeguarded djulis are loosing their farmland and, therefore, the ability to continue cultivating this native crop for their communities. 

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Taitung County

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Indigenous community:Paiwan
Nominated by:Meimao Wu