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Dauglykkæble is an old Danish apple variety. The original tree is documented as coming from the garden of the Jensen family in Dauglykke, close to Humlebæk, in the north of the Island of Zealand.

It was first described and classified by the scholar Claus Matthiesen in the essay “Dansk frugt” (Danish fruit).

This apple has medium dimensions, and a pale yellow peel with dark red hues; the pulp is white with reddish hues. It is a very juicy and intensely flavored apple.

Harvest occurs when the fruit has matured, from late September to November or even December. It lasts only a short time after the harvest, therefore it should be consumed or processed when still fresh.
It is a good table apple, and tastes good fresh as well as cooked. It can also be used for cider-making.

Dauglykkæble is not well known by the public, has little diffusion on the markets and is therefore at risk of disappearing.

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