Dannee potato

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Dannee is a local potato from a creeping plant native to the Kédougou area in Eastern Senegal. It is believed to belong to the family of arrowroot starch plants. It is medium in size and light in color, almost white, with a round, knotted shape. The flavor is similar to ordinary potatoes, but slightly sweeter. It is usually consumed boiled or with sauces, or even with onions. Dannee is very nutritional and easy to grow but unfortunately it has slowly started to disappear.   Dannee is a product typical to the Dialonké ethnic group, in eastern Senegal, who use both as part of their daily diet and during celebrations, such as births and weddings. Today, there is only a small quantity of Dialonké producers who grow dannee in the eastern part of Senegal. In the past is was possible to find in markets, but now is no longer available. It is mainly grown for family consumption. Dannee growing is being abandoned as growers switch to more profitable crops that are also commercially known. In the last few years, production of dannee has halved.

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