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Micòoula is a sweet bread, made with rye, wheat and chestnut flours, made in Valle D’Aosta for Christmas. The recipe is Medieval in origin: initially it was chestnut bread from the Champorcher valley, but over time it was enriched with other ingredients (dried figs, raisins, sometimes chocolate shavings) and became a typical Christmas sweet. In patois (a variant of the French Provincial language in the Val d’Aosta) the name means “smaller, special bread”.

The effort behind appreciation for micòoula is thanks to the “Les Amis de la Micòoula” Association, which has undertaken to grow rye, wheat and other mountain products like potatoes and chestnuts, and manages other lands that otherwise would have been abandoned and left fallow.
Every December, the micòoula festival is held in the town Hône (lower Valle d’Aosta).

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