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The Lentini cudduruni is a type of focaccia produced in the city of Lentini, province of Syracuse, in southeastern Sicily. It is made with hard wheat flour, water, salt and beer yeast or a mother dough. The dough is spread into a disk shape, half of which is covered with the filling, then folded into a half-moon shape and the edges sealed by pinching, forming a rope-like edge. The basic recipe for the filling is composed of black broccoli, onion or anciti (wild beet greens) and flavored with fresh sheep’s milk cheese and tomato or tomato pulp, and drizzled with olive oil. Best results are obtained when baked in a wood-burning oven. Cuddurini made with these characteristcs are found just in the area of Lentini.   The cudduruni from Lentini was born as a “poor” product, the result of an era that avoided food waste, re-using scraps of dough to fill with wild herbs and greens and giving flavor with the rinds of cheeses and olive oil. A proverb referencing cuddurini in the Sicilian language is: “Ognunu si tira a braci ppo sò cudduruni” meaning, “Everyone is looking out for their own interests.”   Today, the majority of cudduruni is made by families in the town of Lentini. The standardization of taste and the changing dietary habits of people have meant that the traditional recipe is being changed, introducing ingredients foreign to the local culture such as wurstel, prosciutto, mortadella and cheeses from other parts of Italy. 

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Production area:Lentini and Carlentini Municipalities (Siracusa province)

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