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Crafus Crafut, also called crafus, is made especially in the municipalities of Artegna and Buia, in the province of Udine, by mixing finely ground pork liver with bread crumbs, sultanas, lemon and orange rind and small apple pieces. The norcini (pork butchers) then season the mince with salt, pepper and spices and mix it well by hand.  The mix is then portioned into the desired size and encased in the intestines of the same pig. The sausages are consumed within ten days of being prepared, after being cooked in pork lard from the same pig.Three elderly pork butchers who practice traditional pork butchering and processing methods, claim to have produced Craftus since the 1940s and 50s when they started out as apprentices. Crafut is one of the products that promoted at Purcit in Stajare, a pork festival that is held in Artegna at the end of November each year.Photo: Gente del Fud 

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