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Georgia is known to be one of the oldest wine regions in the world however it also has a rich culture of dairy products. Chogi cheese has been produced for centuries. During the era of the Soviet Union, the production of the cheese significantly decreased. A period of stagnation occurred and many diverse traditional cheeses productions vanished. Fortunately, the tradition is still kept, however, it is usually made for home consumption and in small quantities.
The Chogi is produced exclusively from Tusheti sheep’s milk in the period between July and August. The fermented milk is placed in the “Guda” (sheepskin), barrels or casks, without salt to loosen for 10 days. After that, it is cut, split, well kneaded by hand with salt and again put into the ”Guda” for 1-2 months. The Chogi has spicy flavour and original smell. It is yellow in colour and has a consistency of butter.

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Nominated by:Anzor Gogotidze, Maia Stamateli