Cheese made with raw Guirra sheep’s milk

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This is a lactic coagulationr aw milk cheese, matured for three months, cylindrical in shape and about 2 kg per piece in weight. The rind is yellowish ivory colored, with ochre reddish tones caused by the molds that are active in the maturing process. The consistency of the paste is semi-soft (or semi-smooth), white ivory colored, with very small eyes, especially in the summer. Depending on the time of maturing, it can show a darker small circle around the rind. The texture is friable, but noticeably creamy. The grain is a fine floury type. The odor is of medium-high intensity, emphasizing animal notes associated with wild fungus and forest soil. Very peculiar and persistent flavor, distinguished by acidity, aromas of fungi and oily sensations of animal (wool, clean leather) and dried fruit. Intense and powerful aftertaste, finishing in an intensifying sharpness, but not aggressive to the palate. This cheese is processed during the production season using raw milk of “Guirra” sheep, a breed also called Red Levantine or “Sudat”. This sheep is now clearly at risk of extinction, since there are only 5000 animals distributed in the Comunidad Valenciana region and, to a lesser extent, in Tarragona. This is a native breed of the Comunidad Valenciana region and is perfectly adapted to the characteristics and landscape of the area: it is a large animal, with great physical resistance and low feed requirements, making it well adapted to the harsh local climate. Today only three flocks are still milked, representing a total of about 500 animals; the rest are only farmed for their meat. The wool of the Guirra has little value as it is red and not considered a revenue earner, but an expense due to the work of shearing and removal.

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