Caycuma Buffalo Yoghurt

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Çaycuma Manda Yogurdu

Yogurt is a dairy product created through the fermentation of milk, providing probiotic benefits due to its content of live beneficial bacteria, such as Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium. Çaycuma Buffalo Yogurt, a traditional product made by locals over generations, stands out for its unique characteristics derived from the specific composition of buffalo milk. This yogurt is made from the milk of Anatolian buffaloes, which freely graze in the meadows of the Çaycuma district. These meadows are rich in diverse plant life, thanks to the favorable climate and the presence of various endemic plant species. The buffaloes spend 11 months grazing outdoors and one month indoors, where they are fed dry grasses, resulting in milk with distinctive properties. Çaycuma Buffalo Yogurt, much thicker than yogurt made from cow’s milk, has a tangy flavor attributed to the variety of plants the buffaloes consume.

Anatolian buffaloes are a native breed in Turkey. Like all buffalo breeds, they have weaker sweat glands compared to other bovines, which is why they tend to inhabit marshy areas. Raising buffaloes is generally more challenging than raising other domestic cattle, and with the introduction of hybrid cows like Holstein, which are more productive, the native breed has faced the risk of disappearing. The shift toward industrial livestock farming and the rise of mass-produced cow’s milk yogurt have contributed to the declining buffalo population and have placed traditional methods of producing Çaycuma Buffalo Yogurt in jeopardy. Given these trends, there are concerns that Çaycuma Buffalo Yogurt and its unique production techniques may vanish in the near future.

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