Cape Verde Sargo

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Seabream is a world renowned and widely consumed fish; among the many existing species and subspecies, three endemic ones live in the seas of Cape Verde: sargo preto de Cabo Verde (Diplodus fasciatus), sargo safia or sargo salema (Diplodus prayensis) and sargo de Cabo Verde (Diplodus sargus lineatus)
The three species are in the IUCN red list, not for a real threat of extinction, but for the little information available on this fish population. In total, there are 17 endemic species in Cape Verde. Some of them are only studied but are not sold, while seabream, especially Cape Verde sargo, can be easily found at the local fish markets. According to estimates, seabream fishing represents 2-3% of the total fishing sector in Cape Verde. It is caught only by small traditional boats with a rod, called ""à boia"", and floating objects connected to one or more lines. It is not a desirable fish for large fisheries and it is not as required as cavala, especially because of its small size (about 30 cm). In order to catch seabreams, which live at 40-60 m depth, it would be better to use succulent baits, such as squid bits and shellfish.

As already mentioned, Cape Verde sargo can be easily found at the local markets, although only in small quantities. It is cooked in many ways, especially grilled on embers or in the oven, accompanied by vegetables and boiled rice.

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