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Morcilla de col

This is an artisan, traditional sausage of Spanish origin from the Province of Pichincha. It is an everyday product in this province.

The ingredients of the stuffing are: white or mountain cabbage, rice, carrots, peas, oregano, onions, garlic, raisins and sometimes nuts. There is a version made with pig’s blood and in the northwestern part of the province palmito is added. The casing is either pig or sheep guts.
For the preparation, first the guts are washed with lemon juice, peppermint, chilca leaves (a plant from the Baccharis genus, typical in South America) and salt, or, depending on the family, a different herb mixture.

All the ingredients for the stuffing are cooked seperately, including the rice. Then a sofrito is prepared using onions and garlic, to which the previously cooked ingredients are added: cut or grated cabbage, carrots, peas, watercress, oregano and salt.
If one wants to add a touch of sweetness, raisins can be added. Afterwards, the casings are stuffed with a spoonful of cabbage mixture and closed with a thread.
They can be fried in lard. Some people hang the sausages up after cooking until they become more consistent.
They are accompanied by corn or potato tortilla, beetroot salad and sometimes menudo (offal) broth for softening.

This information was processed from the publication «Atlas del Patrimonio Alimentario de la Provincia de Pichincha», by Javier Carrera, Claudia Garcia and Catalina Unigarro, from June 2014, promoted by the Ministerio de Cultura y Patrimonio del Ecuador, by Valeria Merlo.

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Nominated by:Javier Carrera Claudia García,Catalina Unigarro, Valeria Merlo