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The Buhavitza apple is an old local variety, primarily grown in Kyustendil region, including Dupnitza, but in Radomir region as well.
The fruit is primarily large to medium-large size, with an average height of 64 mm, a width of 73 mm, and a weight of 130 g. The compact shape varies from rounded to compress-rounded, usually non symmetrical. The stem depression is deep and conical, filled with stripes of a non-symmetrical pattern, with a medium length, thin stem. The skin is thin, with a chewy, rubbery, almost greasy-like, shiny texture.
The spectrum of the base colour varies from light green to yellow; it is usually of a deep-red colour covering the majority of the fruit, especially on the side of the apple that gets the most direct sun-light. Numerous small spots often cover the apple. Colour renderings of the fruit fail to depict the actual shades of the skin correctly.
The core of the apple is small with soft walls, and situated toward the bud end of the fruit. It is bulb-like in its shape.
The flesh of this juicy fruit, is pale coloured with a thick, coarse grained, fibrous texture, with a pleasantly refreshing acidity and specific aroma. The quality of the Buhavitza is good.
The apples are harvested during the first half of September, they will fall readily off the tree once they have ripened. November is considered the best time to consume them out of hand, but they store well till the end of March.
Beside fresh consumption, Buhavitza can preserved as well, baking of ferment it to produce rakia.

After the communist regime took control of the agricultural lands, old varieties were replaced with modern hybrids. After the political changes in the 1990’s and the land restitution, few large orchards remained planted with this variety, but you can quite easily find them at the local farmer’s markets, identified by their name. The Institute of Agriculture in Kyustendil has trees available for planting, so it is a matter of bringing this knowledge back.

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