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Budz, or smoked Hutsul cheese, is a Ukranian cheese made from fresh cow or sheep’s milk. It is made by heating the fresh milk in a pot (preferably copper) hung on a “trochanter” over a fire. The milk is heated to 32-33°C, and then “gleg” (the stomach of a calf or lamb, plus whey and salt) is added. The mixture rests in a warm area for a few weeks. A proportion of this mixture is added to fresh milk. The mixture curdles, separating curds and whey, and the solid parts are collected and put into a cheesecloth to hang. While hanging over a series of days, the cheese is smoked. Budz is made throughout the Carpathian region of western Ukraine, however it is made mainly for personal or family consumption. Today, producers and those who keep cattle have little support from the state, and fewer residents keep their own animals. Sales of cheese to tourists and other economical incentives may be the only way to retain this food tradition for the future.

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