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Bruzzu was long ago identified by the Jacini enquiry as a dairy product made from soured and fermented ricotta. Until 20 or so years ago, it was very popular and produced in large quantities. At that point, output fell dramatically but today there is something of a revival. The cheese is obtained from ewe’s milk whey heated to 70-90°C, as is the case with all ricottas. Unlike other cheeses of this type, the solids are put into moulds to drain after being collected, and thereafter into small wooden vats, where they ferment. Salt is added when fermentation takes place but an unsalted version can also be found. The wooden vats are then transferred to the cellar for about a week, during which time the cheeses are turned over every day. The result is a creamy cheese, ivory-white or brownish-white in colour. It finds its origines in the municipalities of Triora, Molini di Triora and Cosio di Arroscia in the province of Imperia.

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