Brown Kenting Apple

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Dating from at least the 19th century and hailing from the English county of Kent, southeast of London, the brown Kenting apple is excellent for cider making and in cakes. Its origins are not completely clear, but the first traces of its existence date back to 1826, when it was recorded in the Horticultural Society of London’s catalogue. Although it is from Kent, most local residents do not know about the brown Kenting apple, since commercial hybrid varieties are often preferred for cultivation. This type of apple can still be found solely due to companies selling it online. The brown Kenting apple is round and medium-sized. It ripens in October and can be preserved until December. Its peel is yellow-greenish in color with a thin rust-like film, and turns brown when exposed to the sun. Its yellow pulp is crunchy and soft, slightly sweet, and fragrant. It is said to taste slightly bitter if picked too soon, but is good to eat raw when ripe.

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StateUnited Kingdom

England - Sud Est

Production area:Kent County