Breedon Pippin

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The Breedon Pippin is an apple cultivar that goes back to the beginning of the 19th century. It is said that this variety might be the work of the reverend doctor Symonds Breedon, in Bere Court, Berkshire, who isolated a seed from the cider marcs. In 1826, the Breedon Pippin variety was sent to the London Horticultural Society.

The Breedon Pippin is considered one of the best apple cider varieties. The fruit is small in size, about 5cm high and 5.5cm wide. It is flat in shape, larger at its base. The skin is yellow, tending towards red-orange. It is known for its intense, winy flavour. It ripens in October and keeps until November.

Today the Breedon Pippin is a forgotten variety, only found in specialised orchards.

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