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Brabanter Krapfen

In the region of Burgenland, Austria, wedding desserts play a very important role in the community.

Traditional in Burgenland are the so-called "Bschoadpackerl" for which cakes, cookies and other pastries are packed and given to the guests after a wedding. Today, this tradition is often replaced by other giveaways, for example honey or wine.

In the case of a wedding in a village, it is also a tradition spanning hundreds of years that the wedding guests bring flour, sugar, nuts and other ingredients to the bridal couple before the ceremony to make sure that many different wedding desserts can be produced. After the ingredients have been delivered, the women of the village come together and bake for the wedding. But this community-strengthening tradition is at risk of disappearing. Today, baking with family and the women of the village only takes place in rare cases because knowledge about the old recipes is disappearing.

Some of the traditional wedding bakeries, where you can buy Brabanter krapferl and other traditional wedding desserts, are still left but also these enterprises are disappearing.

The preparation of wedding desserts is based on old, traditional recipes and even today takes place using hand labor and without any preservatives.
That’s why the flavor of the Brabanter krapferl has been the same for 100s of years.

The ingredients of the Brabanter krapferl are: flour, butter, confectioner’s sugar (powdered sugar), ground walnuts, cinnamon, eggs for the dough, and red currant jam, baking chocolate, butter for the icing.

Mix all dough ingredients and let them rest for 30 minutes. Then cut out round shapes and bake them at 150° C hot air about 25 minutes. Once the cookies have cooled, two cookies are assembled with red currant jam, covered with chocolate glaze and sprinkled with ground walnuts. At the end, set a candied cherry in the middle of the top.

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