Bra Sausage

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The only sausage where the lean part is completely composed of bovine meat is the one produced it the area of Bra (CN), Piedmont.The mix generally used today is made of 70-80% lean veal finely minced meat and 20-30% pig’s fat. In ancient times the fat was from beef as well, but, due to its high perishability, it was later replaced by pig’s. The base seasoning includes sea salt, white pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon and mace. Many producers also enrich it with garlic, fennel, leeks, cheese (parmesan, aged robiola or toma delle Langhe), white wine and even sparkling wine or prosecco for Christmas. The mix, which needs to be kept moist and soft, is stuffed in a small ram’s gut.It is eaten fresh. There are no production regulations, but generally no additives and preservatives are added: this is why, with the passing of time, Bra sausage, even remaining still edible, becomes darker and loses together with its pale pink colour much of its attractiveness. It can be served grilled, but raw is one of the most traditional appetizers in the area of Cuneo.

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