Bovec Sheep Cheese

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The Bovec cheese locally known as Bovški sir is a traditional Slovenian cheese. It is said to have originated in 14th century in the in the Littoral region in northwestern Slovenia, Bovec. The name Bovški sir appeared for the first time in a price list in the town of Videm in 1756. It had great economic value, because the amount of paid taxes or rent were calculated in quantities of cheese. The Bovški sir is hard full-fat cheese. It is made from raw sheep’s milk from the native Bovec sheep breed, with cow or goat milk added occasionally. Its production is limited to the period of the animals’ lactation. Nowadays it is only made on Mangartska Planina, in Loška Koritnica and Krnica. The cheese is known for its distinctive, slightly spicy and intense flavor. It is compact, elastic and dense. Its smooth rind is grey-brown to pale beige in color.

The Bovški sir is usually served as an hors d’oeuvre.

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Production area:Mangart Mountain, in Loška Koritnica Valley and Krnica Commune

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