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Boudeun is a sausage obtained by combining animal and vegetable ingredients, with the precise composition varying depending on the production area. It can be consumed fresh or aged. Locally grown potatoes and, depending on the recipe being used, beets are boiled and peeled before being passed through a meat grinder with pig’s lard. Herbs and spices are added, including salt, pepper, cinnamon, ground cloves, nutmeg and crushed garlic, and all is macerated for a few hours in red wine and sometimes, depending on the producer’s method, fresh pig’s blood. All ingredients are mixed well by hand in steel containers or by machine. At one point in time, a wooden tub or vat with high wooden walls was used. The mix is then stuffed into an animal intestine casing and tied every 10-20 cm, with care taken to compact the mixture well. The boudeun is then left to dry and is hung in a well-ventilated and very cool aging room where it stays for a period of 7 to 30 days. Normally, the sausages are not packaged, though they can be stored under vacuum to stop the drying process. Boudeun is wonderful as a cold antipasto, and can be served boiled, served with red mountain potatoes. Alternatively, it can be baked in an oven for about fifteen minutes when it is still fresh. It is a traditional product with French origins, once considered a poor food. Today it constitutes one of the typical dishes of the Valle d’Aosta table. Though the majority of production is domestic and for home consumption, it can be found throughout the region in northwest Italy. This product risks disappearing because there is no common, written recipe shared by all the producers, but only what is passed down orally from father to son. Additionally, there are only two producers who sell the product at markets. Furthermore, over the years the original recipe has been modified. For example, the use of blood in the preparation has been gradually disappearing.

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