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Bonicaire (also known as Carlina or Embolicaire) is a single varietal red wine from the Bocicaire variety of grapes found in old vines in the areas of Alcoià and Comtat in eastern Spain. The vines produce thick, red berries that sprout early and produce a medium yield. Its branches are high off the ground and require short pruning. The vines are sensitive to mildew and botrytis, and have difficulty reaching maturation.   Bonicaire wine tends to have little color, balanced acidity and a pleasant citrusy and berry-like aroma. It has a simple taste and slightly bitter finish. It has long been considered a variety with little potential, and so it has been scarcely documented, though it has long been known in the stories passed down verbally by local residents of Alicante and Valencia. The age of the few remaining vines are a testimony to its history in the area. Today, there is only one active produce of this little known, difficult variety, which has never been harvested in large quantities for commercial sales.

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