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Bolos de Torrete

Bolos de Torete are round, medium-sized, yellow beans that take on a brown shade when they mature. As this variety is fairly productive, given the fact that it is a climbing plant it requires a lot of manual labor. There are at least two phenotypes of this bean: one is from Torete and the other from Ventosa. The Bolos de Torete beans are a variety found in the Molina de Aragòn Region in Guadalajara, and in particular along the end of the Yellow River. The bean is named for the town, which is found at the bottom of the river valley, in the Alto Tajo national parl.

The bean has a late life cycle and often both the sowing and harvest are threatened by winter freezes.
The first time the bean was mentioned dates back to 1881, in the book titled Description of the Guadalajara Province, by Carlos Castel, in which he discusses yellow beans from the Molina region and even cites the traditional dish bolos con morro, which is typically made with these beans.

The beans are currently cultivated by about 100 families for their own personal consumption, while only two producers have the intention of selling them. A few years ago the production was completely reliant on very few quite old farmers from Coberta and Terramocha.

This variety is at risk of disappearing because it is being substituted by other similar varieties from the Leon and Cuenca provinces. Another motivating factor is the tendency to abandon local gardens, where the beans were cultivated robustly up until the 50s and 60s, when the region became less populated. Another factor that is no less important has to do with the local diet: whereas beans were once eaten several times a week, today they have been relegated to just a few meals per month.
A recovery project is currently under way: 50 deeds have been given to about 100 families who have planted and cultivated them. The Colegio Pùblico Virgen de las Hoz de Molina de Aragòn participated in this project.

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