Blanqueta de Muro Olive

Ark of taste
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The oils made with this variety of olives are characterised by a low-medium oleic acid content and low-medium stability. It is therefore necessary to pay particular attention to preservation, as it is not very durable. Oils are usually yellow-green, with a very fresh and complex fruity aroma and notes of artichokes, leaves, grass, almonds, green and ripe olives and banana. It is very thin to the palate and is characterised by a strong olive taste, with bitter and sharp notes of medium intensity. In order to produce these oils, olives are selected at an early stage of maturity, the so-called “three colors”, then are harvested manually. Collected in 12 kg cardboard cartons they are ransported to the Milleneta mill without any oxidation within less than 3 hours from picking. Processing of virgin olive oil is carried out continuously at low temperature in order to ensure maximum hygiene and preserve the beneficial health properties of the oil. The olives are transported to the processing facility as soon as they are picked, where they are ground to a paste.  This paste is processed at low temperature (below 25°C) and centrifuged to separate the oil from the paste and water. The system used, a continuous two-stage system, does not add any water to the process. The only byproduct obtained is residual olive pulp which is used to fertilize the olive orchard. There are thus no polluting residues. Processing at low temperature and no addition of water means the polyphenol and antioxidant content of the oil is maintained. The product is not filtered and the entire process is carried out according to the variety. The Blanqueta is a local variety of Comunidad Valenciana. The effort to recover the variety has started through the Microvinya project in Muro and it is now mainly grown at Foia de Castalla, El Comtat, La Vall D´Albaida e La Canal de Navarrés.

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