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Blåhallon, known as Salmbär in the Gotlandic dialect is the berry of a herb belonging to the Rubus family. It enjoys the limestone ground of Gotland a lot growing extensively alongside the roads on most part of the Island. Having a limited competitiveness the road-sides are perfect, where man removes Woody vegetation on a regular basis, paving the way for this herb to flourish and set berries. The dark blue, sometimes dewy coloured berries come in large quantities and are picked by a great number of pickers every August. The gotlandic name Salmbär is better known to the average Swede also living on the mainland Sweden, than the actual standard Swedish name Blåhallon. So strong is the Culture centered around the salmbär on Gotland that every Swede knowing of this berry directly connects it with Gotland.
Berries of salmbär have traditionally been used by people living in these areas, and currently cloudberry is an economically important product for domestic and commercial use.
Of course the berry could be eaten fresh right of the plant. In this form it is somewhat sour, but by no means unpleasant. However, it is in the form of jam that the salmbär is primarily used. Always as the sideorder together with the typical Gotlandic saffranspannkaka desert. Lately the salmbär has also been used in hand made softdrink.

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