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Gouget Noir

TThe Gouget Noir (Vitis vinifera L.) is a French grape variety originating from Montlucon. Genetic analysis by Gouais Blanc indicates widespread cultivation in the mid-19th century from Montlucon to Châteaumeillant.

In the Cher and Allier departments, it serves dual purposes as a wine and table grape, renowned for its sweet-flavoured flesh. Following a decline in Cher’s wine regions due to the phylloxera epidemic, a few preserved plants were recultivated in Vesdun, Cher.

Clusters are small to medium-sized, measuring 8 to 10 cm and weighing about 100 grams. Cylindrical in shape, they consist of spherical or ovoid black berries with juicy flesh. Gouget Noir finds application in rosé wine, contributing a fruity and light character with a pale hue. In red wine, it imparts a tannic, fruity, and robust profile, suitable for blending in both cases.

Thriving in clay-sandy and mica-schist soils, its late maturity was initially considered unsuitable for the region’s climate. However, the changing climate could now favour it, enabling satisfactory ripening and alcohol content.

While Gouget Noir persists in the Cher regions today, its numbers are significantly lower than pre-phylloxera, with only 2 rows or 400 vines listed in the Center Val de Loire region.

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Production area:Pierre Picot, vigneron à Vesdun (Cher),

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