Bedretto Valley Shortcrust Cookies

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Val Bedretto shortcrust cookies are a traditional product from this valley in northern Ticino. Their origins are not known but they were definitely already produced in the mid-19th century. In this poor area, which was in the past essentially agricultural and experienced high levels of emigration, sweet products were only prepared for special occasions, such as religious festivals and village fairs. Until the 1990s an old bakery in the valley jealously guarded the recipe and continued to produce the authentic version of the cookies: thin, in the shape of an "S", golden in color, crunchy and friable, releasing an intense butter flavor in the mouth. When the bakery closed down, the cookies also disappeared.
In 1999 the hotelier Paul Forni, who used to buy the cookies for his guests to have with their afternoon tea, decided to revive this ancient tradition and produce the Val Bedretto shortcrust cookies himself. He has been doing this full time since 2004.
To achieve the exact flavor of the traditional cookies, he had to carry out many trials as well as designing and constructing suitable molds.
The flour used is a mixture of stoneground Ticino wheat flour, the eggs come from three Canton Ticino farms, while the butter is produced in Gotthard and Bedretto dairies and sugar is from Switzerland. That just leaves the sugar, the only ingredient not to come from the Ticino, but it is a Swiss product. After baking for about twenty minutes at 180-200°, the cookies are left to cool, then packed and labeled. These last two operations are managed with the help of young people from the Diamante Foundation, an institution involved in projects to integrate disabled persons into society.
Paul and the young people of the Diamante Foundation now supply a number of pastry shops, hotels and restaurants in Canton Ticino.

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