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The Bebè apple is a typical variety from the Sabina area, especially the towns of Montopoli di Sabina and Poggio Mirteto. It has a slightly flattened shape and is yellow-white with a bright red blush. The flesh is white, crunchy, juicy, and very sweet, and the apples keep well. The apples are ready for harvest in early October, though they are often allowed to fall to the ground, where they can be found until late in the month. The Bebè

This apple is originated in America and was brought to Italy by Eugenio Aleandri, who planted it and shared it with his acquaintances in Poggio Mirteto. The name Bebe refers to the Aleandri family, because one of their ancestors often used the filler word beh.

Today, only a few old trees remain (most of them near farmhouses) and just a handful of producers grow this variety in large orchards. The Sabina area is famous for its olive oil, so growing apples here is uncommon. In the past, apples and other fruit trees were only grown for domestic consumption.The Bebe apple has been included in regional registers and is considered at high risk of genetic erosion.

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Production area:Montopoli di Sabina and Poggio Mirteto Municipalities (Rieti Province)

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