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Balkaymak is a traditional Kazakhstan sweet based on fresh camel’s milk. It looks creamy, it is white in colour, and it tastes particularly sweet.

It is easy to prepare: the milk is boiled and left to rest, stirring constantly for 8 hours. It is condensed then chilled to isolate the whey, and the rest is shaped into slices and left to dry. In order to make one kilo of balkaymak, you need 6 litres of camel milk, without adding colourings, preservatives and additives.

It was traditionally used to give energy and provided the daily requirements of minerals and vitamins. It is quite rare in markets nowadays, since its long preparation, handed down through the generations, has been nearly forgotten, and consumers prefer more commercial products. It is still prepared in some communities, served with tea or as a snack for children.

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Almaty region

Production area:Iliysky district, Akshy village

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Nominated by:Khanym Akhmetova