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Ayusip is the name of a wild berry that grows in the mountainous, upland areas of Benguet province, in the Cordillera Region of the northern Philippines. The fruit grows on a low shrub that grows up to 120 cm tall and has white flowers. The ayusip fruit is 1.5 cm in diameter and green at first, ripening into a dark or black color. It tastes sour when unripe and sweet when mature. While it can bear fruit all year round, its main fruit-bearing season is from August to November. Ayusip grows wild and has not successfully been domesticated or cultivated.  

Ayusip is usually harvested and transformed into jam that is sold in limited quantities. More often the jams are kept for personal or family consumption by those that harvest the fruit from the wild. It is estimated that a few hundred kilograms of the fruit are harvested annually. Because the fruit is not cultivated, recent developments in the area threaten the natural habitat. Many sites in Benguet Province are being developed as mining sites, and others are being terraced for vegetable production. If the mountain habitat is lost, ayusip may be lost as well. 

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