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Arcayuyo or fetid goosefoot (Chenopodium graveolens) is a wild annual plant that grows in the area around Cuyo and Noroeste, in the Tucuman region of northwestern Argentina. The plant grows in an arid environment, over 2,000 meters ABS, and is about 50 centimeters tall. Harvest begins in March and continues until the plant dies, in October, whereas it blooms in January and February. It has elliptical shaped leaves and flowers with five petals that are covered with tiny vesicular fuzz that contains a liquid that gives the plant its therapeutic properties.

Traditional medicine holds that the plant is useful in combating ailments of the stomach and liver, but also such problems as allergies and skin problems; the plant is also known for its sedative properties. Many people also use this plant as a simple infusion, either on its own or with yerba mate, as it helps against insomnia. Usually the leaves are dried, though the flavor is stronger when they are consumed fresh. Today, this product is at risk of disappearing because the community Diaguita is slowly being reduced and the younger members are less interested in harvesting wild traditional herbs and in their medicinal qualities.

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Production area:Cuyo and Noroeste Region

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Spices, wild herbs and condiments

Indigenous community:Calchaquì
Nominated by:Graciela Beatriz Di Benedetto Puerto