Angler Saddle Pig

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Angler Saddle Pig

Angler Sattelschwein

The Angler Saddle Pig owes its name to the ‘White saddle’ which extends over the shoulders and front legs. The area of production is the peninsula Angeln in the north of Schleswig-Holstein. Until the 1950’s it was very popular in the region of Angeln for the production of sausage, with a population about 50,000 pigs. Angler Saddle Pig is a tall, robust, frugal and vital breed; the sows have a weight of 300kg, the boars up to 350 kg. Positive features are the exceptional fertility, excellent mothering ability, and excellent meat quality. The Angler has a high stress resistance, with positive effects on meat quality and marbling. Other important factors for the high meat quality are the slow growth and the grazing of the pigs.

Image: © Stefan Abtmeyer

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