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Ananas Berżenicki (Lithuanian: Beržininkų ananasas) is one of the finest Polish-Lithuanian old apple varieties. It is also called Hrebnicki’s Reinette in Lithuanian or Reneta Hrebnickiego in Polish. It was found in 1886 by prof. Adam Hrebnicki in Berżeniki (Lithuanian: Beržininkai) close to the town of Dukszty in the present-day Lithuania, so Dūkštas.

The big aromatic, sour-sweet fruits are green-yellow or white-yellow, sometimes with a slightly orange colouring on the sunny side. They start to ripen in the second half of August, and the very fact that they are not all ripe in a short period of time and need to be picked in several rounds makes them interesting for small gardens, but less so for commercial cultivation. The variety is highly resistant to low temperatures and most diseases.

Once ripe, the fruits tend to fall down. Besides, the variety starts bearing fruits relatively late and then produces bigger quantities only each following year. This is why this variety, which used to be very popular in the whole Poland up to the World War 2, has become rare over the last decades.

The apples are eaten mostly fresh. Aromatic and juicy as they are, they were used for preserves, fruit wines and juice too.

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