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Vache massanaise

Alberes is a native breed of cattle that lives in a semi-wild state on the Albera Massif, which divides Catalogna, and in particular the Alt Empordà county of Girona Province from the Vallespir county in France (indeed, in France the breed is known as massanaise).
This breed was identified for the first time during the 19th century, but the earliest information we have dates back only to 1957. The breed is incredibly resistant to inclement weather (like wind and the cold) and to the difficult mountain climate. It is able to live off of the bushes and typical grasses of the Mediterranean maquis, and as such is particularly suited to keeping the underbrush clean and help prevent fires. There are two types of cattle belonging to this breed: those with black coats and those with red ones. This breed is categorized as being in danger by the World Watch List for Domestic Animal Diversity by the FAO, and indeed there are only about 750 heads of this breed divided in just a few herds.
Adult males weigh an average of 350 kg while the females come to 275 kg. These cattle have large heads with a straight profile and short, half-moon shaped horns. This incredibly hearty breed is known for its long life span. As the females produce very little milk, no more than is sufficient for nursing their calves that are born every two years, the breed is essentially raised for their meat.

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