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The Åkerö apple is an heirloom variety of Swedish apple. Its origins are uncertain, some say it was introduced in Sweden from the Netherlands, others say it was found in a private garden. The first official information on this variety date back to 1858, the year when it was described by the pomologist Olof Eneroth. Its name probably comes from the Åkerö Estate, located to the south of Stockholm.

The fruit is very popular and it is considered the best variety of Swedish apples. In the past it was widespread in other Scandinavian countries and in northern Germany, but unfortunately with the passing of time and increase in imports of other varieties from abroad, the Åkerö has become less and less common. At present it can be found in local Swedish markets or in some private gardens.

It has an oval shape and is characterized by an aromatic taste, some also taste refreshing traces of raspberry. It is medium-large in dimension and yellow-green in color. Its flesh is juicy, yellow-white in color with some green nuances. It is harvested at the end of August.

Åkerös are excellent apples for making desserts and are eaten fresh or cooked.

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