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Agerolese cow is still widespread n the municipalità of Agerola and in other areas in the province of Naples. Deriving from cross-breeding between Frisian, Jersey and Bruna with the local breed, it was listed as endangered by FAO and saw a constant decrease in population during the years, due to its frequent replacement with Italian Frisian.Its coat is dark, with tones ranging from brown to black and lighter hair around its muzzle. Horns are medium in size, light in colour and bent outwards and forwards. It is a double-purposed breed, giving a good yield both in milk and meat.Agerolese milk was traditionally used for the preparation of Monk’s Provolone, a headless caciocavallo. It is called ‘provolone’ because of its ties to the ancient cheesemaking tradition of Caserta area (where provolone originates) transplanted on this peninsula, but it has nothing to do with provolone from Pianura Padana. It is produced on Lattari mountains (in the Sorrento peninsula), more particularly in the area surrounding the municipality of Vico Equense.

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