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Adzymka is a traditional Lemko flatbread, made from the oats flour.
Oats was most typical in the highest mountains of Lemkivshchyna, the Carpathian homeland of the Lemko people on the border between Poland, Ukraine and Slovakia.
Wheat or rye could not be planted in all locations. In villages situated lower and enjoying milder climate, bread was baked from any kind of flour. Even the Lemko from higher areas often exchanged oats for rye and wheat at local markets. Adzymka is prepared without the benefit of fermentation by kvasok, bread starter, and so it can be made quickly. Instead baking soda is used. Other ingredients of adzymka are eggs, salt and sour milk. They are kneaded into dough, divided into parts and roll out into 1 cm thick pancakes. Then they are baked on both sides on a cooktop or in a cast-iron frying pan.

Adzymka is served hot or cold with butter, honey or mastylo, a traditional paste from flour, boiling milk and eggs.

Adzymka is deeply linked to one of three basic indigenous people groups who were exhiled from ex Poland parts, now Ukraine. It is a bread with medieval roots and today is not sold in stores, not even made commonly at home. It’s ethnographic food in need of protection.

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StatePolandSlovak RepublicUkraine


Prešovský kraj

Production area:Lemko region

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Bread and baked goods

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