Acid atole

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Atole agrio, n’yha san

Sour atole is a beverage connected to the Mazateche indigenous community in the north of the Sierra Madre de Oaxaca. It is a drink consumed during some festive occasions, such as the Day of the Dead.

Atole production is a complex process. Corn is left to soak for many hours (sometimes days), after which it is ground and mixed with water. The obtained mixture is left to sit with dried red chili peppers (Chiltepec). The following day, it is extracted, filtered and boiled in big receptacles (big cauldrons) and constantly stirred to prevent the formation of clumps and crusts from burning. The result is whitish atole. To this product, other things are added for flavor or color.

Atole is usually consumed with bayos or ayocote beans or with a sauce made with toasted chiltepec and sesame seeds.

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Veracruz Llave

Production area:Sierra Mazateca

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Distilled and fermented beverages

Indigenous community:Mazateca community
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